UX-Driven E-commerce Prototype

Crafting an e-commerce prototype as a UX engineer provided an exciting opportunity to showcase my skills in both design and development. Leveraging React and Redux, this project aimed to create a captivating digital storefront that seamlessly blends user experience excellence with technical sophistication.

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March 4, 2024

Time Spent

About 2 weeks


UX Design & Development


The challenge was to develop an e-commerce platform that not only met the functional requirements but also delivered an immersive and user-centric experience. As a solo developer, I embraced this challenge, donning multiple hats from design to development.


In addressing this multifaceted challenge, I undertook a comprehensive solution that blended creativity, functionality, and scalability. Leveraging React and Redux, I crafted a dynamic and responsive interface, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient state management. Integration with the https://fakestoreapi.com API enriched the prototype with realistic product data, enhancing authenticity.


The completion of this project delivered a compelling e-commerce prototype, showcasing my proficiency in both UX design and development. Through intuitive design and seamless functionality, the prototype effectively engaged users and demonstrated its ability to captivate audiences. While user metrics were not explicitly tracked, informal feedback from testers highlighted the prototype's positive reception. Overall, this project serves as a strong representation of my skills and capabilities, offering valuable insights into my potential contributions to future projects in the e-commerce sector.